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Today marks a very significant time in history.  Not only is it New Year’s Day 2018, but also at 9:25 EST is the Full Moon in Cancer.  This anomaly in itself is amazing but astrologers are saying this will be the biggest Super Moon of 2018.  I don’t know about you but I can certainly feel an intensified energy in the air and things are going to begin manifesting at a rapid pace.  If you’re not clear on what you want for your life in 2018, NOW is the time to set your intentions for the New Year, release that which longer serves you under the Full Moon and leave it behind as we close the final chapter of 2017.My favorite astrologers over at explain what to expect from this exquisite Full Moon and the energy shifts happening on January 1st and 2nd:

From the insightful  DIVINE HARMONY:

As a new year begins with a Full Moon in Cancer- we are reminded that if we do not deal with the past it comes forward with us into new cycles and recapitulates itself over and over again. 


“When we are truly ready to change- dealing with the past becomes the key to a transformed future…


“The Full Moon makes some intense aspects and some quite harmonious ones- speaking to the dualistic energies present right as we start a brand new year


“With the Lord of Karma, the fierce Dark Feminine and the Lord of the Underworld all opposite the Full Moon we have some big energies unearthing upheaval, fears and deep unresolved karmic threads.” (read more at”

With the energy of the Full Moon tonight, I encourage you to think about what you can LET GO of and break those karmic bonds of the past.

What is holding you back?  What feels like STRUGGLE?  Why are you clinging so tightly to that “Reality”?

The Full Moon is a time to release the old and make space for the new to come in.  So for myself, I am releasing any pain or negativity from personal relationships that have ended and I am CHOOSING to remember ONLY THE LOVE and LESSONS.  I also am releasing any tendency to self-sabotage my progress due to LIMITING BELIEFS, DOUBTS, and FEARS.  I am making space for UNLIMITED JOY,  LOVE, & ABUNDANCE to fill my life this year. 

As for the New Year,  it is traditionally a time when people set “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Well, this year, I’ve decided to take some time today and set my intentions for New Year’s Manifestations.  These are not “New Years Resolutions” but more of a “New Life Resolution”.

Intuitively I feel that the time is NOW to make some quantum leaps. I feel it in my soul that this year is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!

In the past I have made resolutions that have fallen flat after a few weeks and have been forgotten about as I lost steam for those goals. I think that part of the reason for this is that I’ve been thinking too globally about what I want and not on the specific ACTION STEPS of how to get there. That is why this year I’m not just making a new year’s resolution but really thinking about how I’m going to make shifts in my daily routine that will make it easier to stick with my goals and really see my visions to fruition.

To help you get started thinking about your own goals, I have created a FREE PDF +  worksheet to help you get CLEAR about what you want and teach you how to use the S.M.A.R.T. method to start identifying those specific action steps   

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Also, as I am learning more and more about the Universal Laws and how to work with them to my advantage, I feel that there is one important Law that most either don’t know about or forget about when it comes to goal setting.

A lot of people are becoming more aware and accepting of the Law of Attraction (although it’s been around since the beginning of time). While this is an important Law to know and understand how it can work for you, that is just ONE of the Universal Laws.   You also have to know how the Law of Gestation works in combination with the Law of Attraction and the other Essential Universal Laws.

Basically, the Law of Gestation says that we reap what we sow.

Think about this… A farmer doesn’t just go out into his corn field in the fall and pick his corn unless he has planted in the spring. There is a period of time that is necessary to harvest the crops. The same thing applies to everything in life. A baby doesn’t just pop out immediately after a woman gets pregnant. (What a shock that would be!) No, the fetus has to gestate, develop, and grow for 9 months. Our goals are the same way. it is important to get really clear about what you want and then allow the Law of Attraction to go to work on it, but it is also  important to be mindful that the Law of Gestation is also at work. There is a cultivation period.   We have to plant the seed, water it, nurture it, prune it, and THEN when it is fully blossomed will we see the fruits of our labor.

If you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, you know that  the 3 main ingredients or “secrets” are to:

1. ASK



But what most “Gurus” won’t tell you is: The most important of those steps is to BELIEVE.

Believe that whatever you want to be, do, or have this year can come into full fruition for you this year and have faith that the Universe is working with you, orchestrating circumstances and events behind the scenes, and co-creating with you to make it happen!!

Now, of course one other key ingredient to that formula that is often misunderstood is that you can’t just do those 3 steps and then it magically happens… No, you also have to TAKE INSPIRED ACTION.  So, to jump-start your New Year, really take some time today to think about WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT YOU ARE PREPARING TO DO TO START you off in the right direction.

See, the Universe responds to action… and even faster with INSPIRED ACTION.  So, it’s OK if you don’t know HOW it’s going to happen right now.  Just TRUST and BELIEVE that it will happen and TAKE THE FIRST STEP.   The Universe will guide you to the next step, and the next, and then next.

The Great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Think about when you’re driving in the dark… you can only see as far as your headlights shine right?  Well, that’s exactly how your life is too.  You may not be able to see the whole road ahead and whether there will be traffic and detours, and maybe even backtracking if you get lost, you don’t know yet… but YOU KNOW that if you KEEP GOING, you will eventually get where you are going and the path becomes more clear when the Sun rises again.

So, when your think about your life and what goals you have for 2018, think of each goal you want for this new year as a seed that you are planting in your garden for the fall harvest.  But also remember, in order to reap the best harvest this year you have to nurture and cultivate your seeds DAILY throughout the year.



Leave me a message in the comments and let me know what you are RELEASING and what you are INTENDING!

Much Love & Light!!

XoXo Lori

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