Saturday, December 31, 2016

Set Your Intentions For the New Year

With the New Year approaching tomorrow I wanted to take some time today to think about and really set my intentions for 2017.  Not a "New Years Resolution" but more of a "New Life Resolution".  Intuitively I feel that my time is NOW to make some quantum leaps in my life.  I feel it in my soul that this year is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!  In the past I have made resolutions that have fallen flat after a few weeks and have been forgotten about as I lost steam for those goals. I think that part of the reason for this is that I've been thinking too globally about what I want and not on the specific ACTION STEPS of how to get there.  That is why this year I'm not just making a new year's resolution but really thinking about how I'm going to make shifts in my daily routine that will make it easier to stick with my goals and really see my visions to fruition. 

As I am learning more and more about the Universal Laws and how to work with them to my advantage, I feel that there is one important Law that most either don't know about or forget about when it comes to goal setting.  A lot of people are becoming more aware and accepting of the Law of Attraction.  While this is an important law to know and understand how it can work for you, that is just ONE of the Universal Laws.    You also have to know how the Law of Gestation works in combination with the Law of Attraction and the other Essential Universal Laws.  Basically, the Law of Gestation says that we reap what we sow.  Think about this… A farmer doesn't just go out into his corn field in the fall and pick his corn unless he has planted in the spring.  There is a period of time that is necessary to harvest the crops.  The same thing applies to everything in life.  A baby doesn't just pop out immediately after a woman gets pregnant. (What a shock that would be!)  No, the fetus has to gestate, develop, and grow for 9 months.  Our goals are the same way. it is important to get really clear about what you want and then allow the Law of Attraction to go to work on it, but it is also  important to be mindful that the Law of Gestation is also at work. There is a cultivation period.   We have to plant the seed, water it, nurture it, prune it, and THEN when it is fully blossomed will we see the fruits of our labor. 

So, when your think about your life and what goals you have for 2017, think of each goal you want for this new year as a seed that you are planting in your garden for the fall harvest.  But also remember, in order to reap the best harvest this year you have to nurture and cultivate your seeds DAILY throughout the year.  

So to help you, here are a few ideas to really Set Your Intentions in 2017:

  1. There's a process by Abraham Hicks in the book "Ask and It Is Given"  called the "I've Decided Process".  

Basically you are staking your claim on what you want.  You are literally affirming and commanding to the Universe that you have DECIDED.  Take 68 seconds to free flow what you have Decided. 

For me,

I've decided that This Year is going to be the best year ever.
I've decided that I am working towards becoming my best version.
I've decided that I am getting better and better at the "Art of Allowing" the Universe to bring me my desires.
I've decided that I'm going to use the Law of Attraction processes  that work for me to reduce my resistance to allowing my desires on a more consistent basis and maximize my results.
I've decided that I'm going to share my insights and experiences along my journey with others more often to help them in their journey.
I've decided that  I'm going to expand my spiritual network of people who share my passion of helping others become their best versions by developing their spirituality and working with the Universal Laws.
I've decided that as I work toward my goals I am going to be helping others in theirs.
I've decided that this year is the year that I build the business and lifestyle that I've been visualizing.
I've decided I'm going to allow the Law of Gestation to work for me and magnetize all that I truly desire as I cultivate and nurture the "seeds in my garden".
I've decided that I am already abundant.
I've decided that I'm going to live my life and be grateful for all that I have and all that is on its way to me.
I've decided to trust that the Universe knows exactly what I need and brings it to me when I allow myself to receive it.
I've decided that I will become all that I wish to become in divine timing, but today I will do all that I can to stay focused living for today.
I've decided I’m going to get clarity on my goals and let my intuition guide me along the way.
I've decided I'm going to be easy about it if some days don't go exactly as planned.
I've decided I'm going to re-evaluate and re-focus things that have gotten off track.
I've decided I'm going to focus on what's really important in life.
I've decided I'm going to have more joy, more love, and practice more gratitude.
I've decided I'm going to spread more love, light, abundance, and joy to others.
I've decided that TODAY marks a NEW DAY. And I am going to seize it.

  1. Daily Success Habits for the New Year:  Track what you will do to work toward your goals on a daily basis on a chart for 30 days. Each day mark off what you have done.  Then evaluate how you did at the end of the month. I guarantee it will feel so good to see how focused and determined you have been and you will feel so good because of all that you have been doing on a daily basis.

                     My Daily Success Habits For 2017:

  • 5 AM Challenge for 68 Days (I challenge you too! No excuses, without fail, wake up at 5 AM every day for 68 days. I've done this. You get used to it. And you get SO MANY benefits from it.  It's amazing how much you can develop your intuition by connecting to the Universe at this hour…. Ready for the challenge?  Not quite yet?  This book helped me get started: The 5 AM Club: How to Get More Done While the World is Sleeping

  • Meditate Daily AM & PM
  • Visualize Daily
  • Water my "seeds" daily.
  • Gratitude and Success Journal

  1. Hold yourself accountable to someone else.  You are going to need someone to help keep you focused along the way.  (This is why so many "New Years Resolutions" flop.  There's no accountability if you stop doing it.)  You could get an accountability partner and work together on your goals.  Or, the best way would be to get a mentor or a coach.  Lucky for you! If you happen to be in a place in your life that you are ready to hire a coach… I'm your girl!  I'm currently offering a Free 60 Minute Strategy Session  to help design your roadmap and get you on your way toward your becoming your greatest version.  I will also hold that vision for you and help to keep you on track and accountable to attain your goals.    Please click the link above or the image below to schedule your Free Strategy Session 

And with that, I wish everyone reading this right now the very best New Year EVER full of happiness, love, and abundance in every aspect! 

Much Love & Light!!


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