How to get yourself back in alignment after you’ve been high-jacked

Ever give yourself a pep talk the night before to start out the next day with every intention to be super productive, full of energy, and get all your stuff done?  Ever notice that sometimes it doesn’t always go that way and everything starts to fall apart the next day before your day even gets started?  It starts out something small like your you didn’t hear your alarm clock go off and now you only have 15 minutes to get ready for work but you usually need at least 20 or 30 minutes… but alright let’s try to do it the fastest ever today… Ready Go! So then what happens?  You start thinking.  Panicking really…You’re not thinking clearly. You’re thinking so much about how little time you have that you don’t realize you’re wasting time…So you make an executive decision to do 5 quick things the fastest you’ve ever done.  1. Bathroom 2. Shower 3. Teeth 4. Clothes 5. Shoes.  Go! 
 You get all in a tizzy, scrambling around, rushing…. What happens next? Of course you can’t find something  to wear that matches because why would it be easy to find something when you only have 15 minutes? When you finally find something that will work, you discover it’s wrinkly…  Finally getting out the door and to the car, looking at the clock and now only have 40 minutes to get to work because that whole outfit catastrophe just added 10 minutes.  You know 40 minutes is pushing it even in good traffic but you high tail it out of there. 
What happens next?  You already know… A whole lot of other crappy things right?  You know this story…   I think we all have had a day(s) that started off something similar.  But what is really happening?  Why does it continue to get worse throughout the day? 
Plain and simple, your brain got high-jacked by fear.  You lost your balance as soon as you opened your eyes.  Your intentions to be grounded, energetic, productive, all flew out the window.  Why?  Because you were afraid of being late.  Why? Because you were afraid of getting into trouble or walk on eggshells around your boss. Why? Because you were afraid of getting fired. Why?  Because you were afraid if you lose your job you won’t be able to pay the bills … A spiral of fears….  Your mind went through all those possibilities before even putting your foot on the ground and take the first step to get up and get ready.
The whole rest of the day will play out like that with subconscious fears interjecting because you were thrown off course.  If you continue to let fear speed up your heart rate, make you think  quickly and irrationally, get flustered… you are no longer in alignment or consciously present with yourself. Chaotic things happen because you’re feelingchaotic.  Then irritating things happen because you’re feeling irritated at all the chaos so far. 
So how do you stop it from spiraling and high-jacking your plans for the rest of the day?  The next time you find yourself in a situation that you feel afraid because of something unpredictable that happened, (Hint: your body will let you know) ask yourself these 5 things:
  1. What am I thinking right now?
  2. Is this a rational thought or can it be thought of in a different way that isn’t so drastic?
  3. Does it help me to keep thinking about it or can I tell myself a different story/distract myself and move along?
  4. How can I stay calm and present in the now even if it was chaotic 5 minutes ago?
  5. What kinds of things keep you calm under pressure? 
Ask yourself these questions and keep a mental toolbox with the answers because you DO HAVE the ability to keep yourself balanced,  but only if you are paying attention to your feelings.  Once you identify the feeling (usually fear) you can do something about it.  Don’t let fear run your life.  Fear only keeps us stuck and delays progress creating hopelessness.  Don’t let it.
Take back your brain!!
As always, please comment your thoughts and share your mental toolbox techniques to stay in the flow!
Love & Light!